Learn how Video Intelligence is a perfect fit for your business in our interactive and informative sessions.

Overcome operational challenges by adding Video Intelligence into your Digital Checklists

Did you know – you can streamline your operations for the best restaurant experience by simply adding a layer of video verification to your digital checklists? Join the webinar and gain applicable insights on how to optimize restaurant cleanliness, food safety, order speed, and beyond.

Past Webinars

Beyond the Labor Shortage: How Restaurants are using AI to Become Stronger Than Ever

Join us on 24rd March, 2022, at 11.00 am PT, over an in-depth webinar in collaboration with Converse Now, where we’ll address the impact of labor crunch and how Voice and Video AI can be the key solutions to this problem.

Digital Restaurants: A Recipe for Success

The restaurant industry is experiencing an accelerated pace of digitization with nearly 50% of restaurateurs planning to implement some form of automation in the next 2-to 3years. Digitizing the right way can help your restaurant grow at unprecedented rates.